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Cadence Collies
Collie Club of Greater Miami
Whelp Date 1/2/2002
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Collie Club of Greater Miami
Puppy Gallery Whelp Date 6/23/00
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The "Collie Club of Greater Miami" (CCGM) is a non-profit group, and is a local affiliation of the "AKC", "The Collie Club of America" (CCA) and the "Florida Association of Kennel Clubs, Inc".

The CCGM offers a forum for those interested in promoting the collie in conformation, obedience, agility, "canine-good-citizen" and "collie-rescue".  The Club offers both social and "competitive" aspects of canine ownership and supports two local AKC sanctioned "Collie-Specialty" shows as well as fund-raising events.   We also support aspects of collie health and have the excellent resources of two veterinarians who are active members.  The Club holds monthly meetings, and sponsers a separate website which can be located at

The above website is an excellent source of  information on "Collie Rescue".  We are proud to say that within the last 6 months, we have found new homes and lives for 18 South Florida collies, which were previously abandoned by their owners.  Anyone needing help to place or find an "unwanted" pure-bred collie is invited to search this website.  The website also gives more specific information on Club events, Club meeting-times and Club membership. 

If you love collies and live in Dade-Broward Counties of Florida, we welcome you to seek membership.

Dina and Kevin of "Cadence Collies" are  members of the  "Collie Club of Greater Miami" and the "CCA", and all our dogs are registered with the "AKC".