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Blazer and Jim Efron


Blazer or "CH Argent Cosmic Blaze" is our foundation sire (Rough Blue Merle). His father, now retired, was one of the top specials collie-dogs of 1998. His brother-littermate, is "CH Argent Big Bang" (BamBam) who is the top pointed collie and BIS Winner at this time in 2000. He is very charismatic and showy and moves over the ground with a perfect long stride.

He is very easy to "bait" and "show", looking like he is ready for the ring while even when watching the house. One minute, he looks like a fluffy stuffed animal, allowing our toddler to practice crawling over his reclining body, and the next second, he's a whirlwind of action, challenging the garbage man on "his" property (the usual band of service people have kindly asked us to "keep that Wolf locked up" when they come to call).

Blazer enjoys his backyard ! Jan 2002

Big Bang Bam Bam Winning

Bam Bam Points.....ZOOM IN

Bam Bam makes the Cover

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Affenloch Aladdinn

CH Afenloch the Silver Laser

Merit Highfalutin

CH Argent Cosmic Blaze
Royal Guard's Hot Pursuit

CH Royal Guards I'm Merry Too

Braemore's Dream Weaver

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