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Happy dogs make happy owners.

Cadence collies is a home and not just a kennel. Dogs and people share living space and learn to respect each other. Our show dogs have been given a chance to "show off" in the arena, and now retired, have been given a job; to watch the house and kids. Our dogs are never crated and never left bored with nothing to do. They can choose to run around outside, or lounge in our house. This "socialization" occurs early in our pups and will allow our pups to easily adjust to any loving home.

The dogs are kept in top condition with regular exercise, preventative medications and innoculations and a sound diet and lotsa love and entertainment.

We couldn't get our collies to run away if we tried. (O.K., it's that collie watch-dog instinct that keeps them glued to the front stoop watching the traffic go by...)

Find us in Long Island, NY